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Organization History 


Jack and Jill is a nationwide organization with over 220 chapters in 35 states and the District of Columbia, representing over 30,000

family members. The core of the Jack and Jill of America philosophy is that every child – if given the proper guidance and opportunity –

can be developed into a leader.


The late Marion Stubbs Thomas founded Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated on January 24, 1938 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Twenty

mothers came together to discuss creating an organization to provide social, cultural and educational opportunities for youth between the

ages of two and nineteen.


In 1946, ten chapters were involved in the national restructuring process. Constitution and bylaws were drawn up and the organization was

incorporated under the laws of the state of Delaware.


Today, Jack and Jill boasts over 220 chapters nationwide, representing over 30,000 family members. Each chapter plans annual

programming activities guided under a national theme. Through service projects, Jack and Jill of America creates a medium of contact for 

children to stimulate their growth and development.


“To us as mothers, it [Jack and Jill] has become a means of furthering an inherent and natural desire …to bestow upon our children all the

opportunities possible for a normal and graceful approach to a beautiful adulthood.” Marion Stubbs Thomas


Chapter History


The Arlington Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. of America, Incorporated, was the result of an idea which was initially discussed by Mrs. Doris Johnson and Ms. Linda Banks. This idea was presented to members of the Fort Worth Chapter who resided in Arlington. Unable to organize a chapter while a member of an existing chapter, the idea was acted upon by Ms. Emma Walker and Mrs. Doris Johnson.


On April 8, 1991, Fort Worth agreed to become the sponsoring chapter of the Arlington Interest Group. The group then received Provisional Group status in July 1991. The first year was filled with group activities and meetings that allowed the members the opportunity to get to know each other.


On June 9, 1992, twenty-nine (29) mother’s names were submitted for Provisional Chapter status.
This status was granted at the 1992 Jack and Jill of America, Inc. of America, Incorporated National Convention in Orlando, Florida. The Arlington Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. of America, Incorporated was chartered on September 12, 1992 with Doris Johnson serving as the first president.

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